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Aeronautical Museum in Belgrade, Serbia by Dule

The first time I visited this museum I was in a secondary school. The museum was brand new (I think it was the year of 1989) and I was so delighted. The only thing I did not like then, was that Il-2 Shturmovik was not painted in Red Army scheme and that Messerschmitt Bf-109 was not painted in German scheme, they were all painted in standard Yugoslav Air Force pattern.

Well, 25 years later, on my second visit, both the museum and I have changed a bit. We got older and wiser. Now I realize that, since this is a museum of Yugoslavia Air Force, it is natural and historically accurate that planes are painted the way that they were used in our Air Force. 


When this building was built in 1989 it was probably the most beautiful and most unique museum of that kind in the world. The building itself was build only for this special purpose and one had a unique opportunity to see in one place planes from East and West, from Axis and Allies and many unique planes that were built in Yugoslavia.


But a lot has happened since then. The truth is that today in Serbia we are not even able to maintain planes that we have, to buy spare parts for them, not to mention building new ones or making research, prototypes and mass production like in good old days. So the main feeling after visiting the museum for me was melancholy.

Anyway, one can see aircrafts from the beginning to the end of the Yugoslav Air Force. There are many scale models, schemes and useful information as well. All the models in the building are in perfect condition. Outside the building there are planes that need to be restored but are still interesting to look at. For the price of 2.50 euros this is a nice place to spend an hour for anyone visiting Belgrade. 



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