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Late War (Singles) Tournament, Vršac (Serbia)

Najava FoW turnira u Vršcu. Sve piše na plakatu i u tekstu malo ispod...

Late War (Singles) Tournament, Vršac (Serbia)

Points: 1750 (LW)
Date: Saturday and Sunday, August 27th and 28th 2016
Max. number of players: 20 (First come, first serve)
Number of games: 4 (2 games will be played on Saturday and 2 on Sunday)

Hemijsko medicinska škola (Chemical and Medical School)
Sterijina 113
26300 Vršac  Serbia
(Approximately 80km from Belgrade, 10km from Romanian border and 70km from Timisoara).

Entry fee 10 Euros (entry fee includes two meals that will be served on site in breaks between the games).

I am sending invitations to players from Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Belarus and Serbia. Off course, all other players (up to the total number of 20) are welcome. All the necessary information about this tournament will be announced at tomsmagazine.blogspot.com

For all the information you can write to me at dusankostic@yandex.ru or you can call me on +381 (0) 64 202 78 19

I speak both Russian and English.
Accommodation for players is organised at Dom učenika Vršac (students' home), for 10 Euros per night (breakfast included). Rooms are made for 4-6 persons, common toilets and showers. The place is situated in the centre of the town, 20m from the Romanian Church. Accommodation can also be found via internet.
 Coffee, tea, soda and water will be served at school during the tournament for free.  Our friends from Romania will be assisted by one of our students who is native Rumanian and speaks both Serbian and Romanian.
If necessary, I can organize transport from Belgrade airport but you have to inform me in advance.

There will be a modest award for the Overall Winner of the tournament and the Best Painted Army.

Rules and Regulations
-First round pairings will be randomly drawn. All of the following rounds will be determined by Swiss system;
- Missions will be selected randomly immediately before each round;
-Each game will have a time limit of 3 hours;
-Army lists must be submitted to dusankostic@yandex.ru by 14th August, all official LW army lists and PDFs are allowed;
- Every tournament entry must include: Player’s full name, an e-mail address, and army list (can be submitted later on, but no later than 14th August);
-The winner of the tournament will be determined by the amount of “big points” (Wins > small points);
-Tiebreakers will be determined by the amount of small points and then the “Favoured opponent“ vote, if necessary.

   Tournament schedule
Friday, august 26th
-We will take a walk around the town centre in the evening and go all together for a dinner

Saturday, august 27th
-Welcome and briefing: 8:00-8:30
-Round 1: 9:00-12:00
-Lunch:  12:00-13:00
-Round 2:  13:00-16:00
-After: Climbing the Vršac Mountains* with a professional guide (The Tower of Vrsac, Red Cross and Mountain Home). Bring some good old shoes and a flashlight! After that we can go together for a dinner.

Sunday, August 28th
-Round 3: 8:00-11:00
-Lunch 11:00-12:00
-Round 4: 12:00-15:00
-Final ceremony 15:00-15:30

*The Vršac Mountains (Serbian: Вршачке планине / Vršačke planine, Romanian: Muntii Varset), are very interesting for their geology, biology and culture. The Gudurica peak (Gudurički vrh), is the highest peak in the Serbian province of Vojvodina, with its 641m above the sea level. The Tower of Vršac (Vršačka kula) - 399m was built in the XV century; the Mesić monastery is from the same period.

All information:
Dušan Kostić
tel: +381 (0)64 202 78 19
(I can also be reached at this number through Viber and WhatsApp)

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