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Ruined Italian monastery by Dule

I have recently decided that what I really need is different terrain features for the game. I liked the Italian monastery on Battlefront site
and decided to try to make it myself. Battlefront`s Battlefield in a Box are beautifully molded and painted models but they definitely do not suit my pocket.

The idea is that Chapel ruins can give some cover while the Bell Tower can hide an observer or a sniper team.

I used 4 plywood pieces which a carpenter had made for me for some other purpose and plasticard panels of 1,5mm for the Chapel and of 0,2mm for the Roof of the Bell Tower.

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What I don`t like about the Battlefront model is that while Chapel is totally ruined the Bell Tower does not have a scratch, which does not have sense. On the other hand we can say that it is God’s will and not argue about it any more.

I did not have correct dimensions of BF model so I improvised. It would have been nice if the width of the playwood pieces had been a couple of millimeters larger, but anyway small base fits the finished Bell Tower as shown on the photo.

slika 6

I decided to put a 5mm magnet at the bottom of the Bell Tower and to make a place for it on the ruined Chapel with a magnet too. I am so proud of the idea!

slika 1

Plasticard panels of 1,5mm are solid enough to hold the entire construction but can still be cut by scissors (If you have strong muscular hands as I do) which makes entire process much faster. The walls are made of either 1,5mm or 2mm panels. I  tried to use some pieces that remained from some earlier constructions.

slika 2

When the construction was over I glued some sand and “rocks” around the building.

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The roof of the Bell Tower was made of tiny 0,2mm plasticard but I  put some greenstuff and thicker plasticard on the invisible side to make it a bit more solid. The cross was made in one piece from plasticard too. I made some „openings“ of 0,2mm plasticard to help me paint the monastery more easily later.

slika 5

First I used grey spray as a primer and then white spray partially.

slika 7

After that I used Humbrol enamel brown for the roof and future cracks on the building.

slika 9

After that Aquarelle red, white, khaki and gray occasionally to finish off the monastery. I glued some flok to get more realistic look.

slika 8

I made it in some 10 days simultaneously working on some other models. I must say that I am satisfied although the model is not perfectly painted. Still it is going to be a fine piece on the gaming table for 1,5 euro which was the cost of the used material.

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