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Flames Of War in our school (by Dule)

I have been preparing FoW presentation in school where I work, for quite a long time. The selfish reason is that I desperately need an opponent to play with. The non selfish reason is that I think that young people should see something aside from computer games.

The greatest problem for me was to make enough tables and terrains so that both public and the guest players could enjoy the game.  Most of my pupils play World Of Tanks and other computer games but are not familiar with tabletop games at all.


The general idea was to invite my friends who were veteran FoW players and to make a mini tournament. Since this was not supposed to be a competitive tournament I suggested that Dorian, Milan, Deka, Uroš and Vlada make some lists that they really like, preferably tank lists, so that a game could be fast and attractive. We played Late War in 1500 points. First mission was Breakthrough and the second mission was Counterattack to make things as fast as possible.


There were some 20 participants that day. We all enjoyed the tournament much. The main goal was attained since after that tournament we  made a club in our school were my pupils and I play FoW once a week. One of the classrooms where I usually have classes served as our Cabinet war room.
With my pupils I play Early War and I hope that soon we will be able to play Mid War too. We do not lack enthusiasm but what we really need are the V3 rule books and some other armies apart from the Red Army (hahaha).  I can make almost all Soviet EW lists, a couple of German EW lists and one British EW list and now we plan to expand our German arsenal. Since the English language is a bit of a problem too I have started to make some scripts with only the basic rules in our language. I have prepared some unassembled models and soon I will start to teach my pupils how to assemble and colour them.  We plan to invite in the future pupils from other high schools in our town, but that will be material for another article...

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  1. Well done getting FOW into your school. I have found it hard to do as the students prefer computer games.