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Firestorm Bastogne (Turn 2, Battle 4 - Kautenbach)

Yesterday, Deka and I played our first campaign game. I played germans so I decided where and when to attack. I have chosen the battle were germans were in advantage due to extra firestorm troops. I also prefer southern sector because road to Bastogne is shorter :)

Germans had 12. Volksgrenadier division at disposal. They were battle hardened soldiers rated confident/veteran.
Higher commander was major Siegfried Moldenhauer (2+ hit in assault) 55pts who lead:
HQ 80pts.
Sturm platoon 270pts.
Schutzen platoon 220pts.
3x StuG G platoon 285pts.
3x PzIV J platoon 260pts.
3x 105mm artilery 155pts.
Scout platoon 70pts.
Scorzeny commando group 100pts.
TOTAL 1495 points, 6 platoons.

Scout platoon could exploite spacial Volksgrenadier rule were all infantry Volksgrenadier platoon could make Spearhead move!
Scorzeny group added some fun and historic elements, spreading chaos behind enemy lines. Their primary objective were to block US reserves and to pin down artillery.

My firestorm troops were:
C/V Volksgrenadier sturm platoon and C/V Panzerspah platoon with 6 Puma's (I rolled 2 on the table).

Starting with 6 original platoons, after adding firestorm platoons, I ended with 10 platoons in total. Besides, I was able to move 7 platoon before the turn 1, with recce and spearhead movement!

12. Volksgrenadier division ready to deploy (I had to proxy one puma platoon)

American from 28th infantry division fortified their positions at Kautenbach. Their forces were veteran but not eager to fight (reluctant).
HQ 15pts.
Outpost platoon 190pts.
Outpost platoon 190pts.
Inteligence & reacon platoon 75pts.
Anti-tank platoon 55pts.
They were supported with confident/veteran units:
Towed tank destroyer platoon 220pts.
Engineer combat platoon 285pts.
4x 105mm artilery 190pts.
4x 155mm artilery 280pts.
TOTAL 1500 points, 8 platoons.

28th inf. div. perimeter outpost, fortified company.

First, we rolled for a mission (Pincer) and after for rain & mud conditions in the first turn (1-light rain). We didn't played with fog special rule. We thought that germans already have big advantage with 600 points of bonus firestorm platoons. We started to deploy our troops as mission rules described. After deployment was finished, we were ready to start our battle. I had my recce and spearhead move which brought my Pumas 16 inches from enemy trenches. Infantry moved through forest and was well hidden from enemy observers.

Turn 0 - exploring recce and spearhead move. Woods were great cover for infantry, but vehicles had to move over roads since light rain transformed all cross country into slow going.

German initial push started at 700 hrs. Due to light rain off road terrain was covered in mud and wheeled Pumas had to use main road to move toward enemy. Infantry continued to march through forest taking cover from possible artillery shelling. Objective was on the outskirts of Kautenbach. American lines were fortified with heavy artillery behind.

Red is territory gained by Germans and blue are american fortified position. Heavy guns are clearly visible at the hill behind the town.

In the morning hours, US troops noticed strange movement behind their lines and started to interrogate all suspicious troops. Command team from 2nd platoon of 28th inf. div. discovered German soldiers dressed in american uniforms. They were disclosed after some easy questions from baseball world series were wrongly answered.

Scorzeny commando team has been caught and found guilty of espionage.

Around 800 hrs volksgrenadiers were in position to start the main attack. Rain was light (I rolled 3) but German vehicles and panzer had problems to move forward. After first Scorzeny group was discovered Americans were able to bring ambush. Heavy anti tank guns put German tank crews in difficult position. Panzers had to decide to continue forward and possible die or to take cover in the woods.

Sturm and schutzen troops reached the town and put american commander under pressure. He decided not to ambush infantry but to revile ambush and attack tanks which moved down the road. Guns cannot been seen. They are far right of the picture.

Volkgrenadiers at outskirts of Kautenbach. Iron cross is promised to the first soldier who reaches objective and enemy trenches.

At 830 hrs american open fire from all guns. Volkgrenadiers were under heavy artillery and machine gun fire while pumas were hit by anti tank guns.

Volksgrenadiers took cover and dodged the bullets. They were lucky and losses were minimal. Only one platoon has been pinned down. But Pumas and StuGs were not so lucky. One Puma platoon was lost and StuGs fled away. Germans are two platoons down.

After initial shock, Germans reorganized and started the assault at 1000 hrs. Rain was light (I rolled 3 again).

Scouts attacked first but were pushed back by defensive fire. Second attack was made by sturm platoon which got near the enemy.

American defense fire roll. He hit me four times on 4+. One more hit and I would be left in the open!
Major Moldenhauer personally led the attack and inflicted heavy loses in american trenches. Americans didn't passed morale check and had to retreat. Volksgrenadier entered and occupied american positions. Being in trenches and not in the open, gave to my troops, good cover against artillery retaliation.

Objective is almost in my hands. Only one american team is near the objective. In the background, second puma platoon is destroyed by anti tank fire. The rest of my panzers are terrified and remain hidden in the woods.

At 1100 hrs heavy rain started to fall (I rolled six!). All cross country terrain is very difficult going now. Even tanks can't move easily. Volksgranariers are trying to capture american artillery of guard on the hill. Unfortunately mud is everywhere and they are moving slowly. Shelling is heavy and most of the platoon is lost. Only fraction reaches heavy guns and captures one. High price is payed for destroying one gun. Sturm platoon must pass moral check and they do. Second sturm platoon attack remains of 28th infantry at objective. Volksgrenadiers are victorious but they have to pas moral check too. Luckily, they do.

After a whole morning of fighting, not much is left on the battlefield. Three Volksgrenadier platoon are at the objective but any future loss will cause a moral check! American has two dices for reserves and he rolls one success. Engineer combat platoon came first from reserves. But due to heavy rain and difficult going they can not go at the double and try to save the day.

Heavy rain stopped at 1200 hrs ((I rolled 2). American reserves continued to arrive but only engineers were close enough to try to reach the objective. They destroyed the last puma platoon and came only 5 inches from objective. Game was almost decided but heroic things have had still to happen. 155mm artillery, which survived the infantry attack, returned fire and destroyed last remains of one sturm platoon. Things changed, in the blink of the eye. It looked like it is all over, but it wasn't. Volksgrenadiers lost their sixth platoon and had to pass company moral check next turn, just before the victory conditions!

Areal view of the battlefield at the end of turn 5. Engineers are just outside the objective. Other american platoons are too far away. Volksgranadiers took heavy toll, but they are in trenches and holding their positions. Moment has come to roll the decisive dice to decide who is the winner. After more then 4 hours of play one roll will decide the destiny of Ardennes offensive. I roll the dice looking straight in the eyes of my worthy opponent. Simultaneously we look down. The dice showed five. Volksgrenadiers won this bloody battle. But chances were fifty fifty and 28th division could be a winner if I rolled less then 4+. So, after I destroyed two enemy platoons and lost six of mine, final result was 4:3 for the German side.

Milan (Hertz)

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